Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Dentistry or Endodontics is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of Acute Dental pain resulting as a consequence of decay deeply involved in a tooth with its close proximity to the ‘Pulp’ or the term commonly used (the nerve of the tooth)
A root canal treatment commonly referred as ‘R.C.T’ is needed when the pulp tissue within the tooth is found to be infected secondary to decay or injury. If the pulp becomes further infected, the infection may spread rapidly through the root canal system of the involved tooth which will eventually progress to form an abscess at the root area. If a root canal treatment is not carried out at the right stage, the infection can spread and the tooth may be deemed for removal.
The ‘Root canal treatment’ involves removing the entire infected pulp tissue from the inside of the tooth followed by thorough cleaning and filling of this empty space to seal the root canal system, in order to prevent reinfection and pain. Root canal treatment is frequently carried out on teeth that have decay where the infection is expected to be spread within the pulp. The salient advantage of root canal treatment is its ability to restore a dead tooth to normal function thereby avoiding the unnecessary removal.
At Ankura Dental Hospital, our Root Canal specialists make use of the latest techniques further supported by the latest innovations of Endodontic dentistry to ensure a painless comfortable and successful one visit root canal treatment.
An Apicoectomy is a routinely performed minor surgical treatment which is commonly performed when usual root canal treatments are found to be ineffective. It is considered as a last resort for the management of stubborn tooth infections and is a highly versatile procedure. It is only performed by our expert endodontist.
At Ankura Dental Clinic, our root canal specialists have the training and expertise in performing apicoectomy. We adopt latest techniques for the procedure, which significantly subside the infection and the associated insult to the tooth. After the procedure, you will be guided through postoperative management and followup care for a week to maximize comfort and reduce healing time. If you would like to consult with our specialists and know more on Apicoectomy procedure, please call 09912849515.