19At Ankura Dental Hospital we receive many patients who travel from overseas to come and have their dental treatment performed by our Specialists. We assure you the highest quality dental care and provide guarantees on all treatments.

To facilitate a more comfortable holiday with dental treatment, our office staff will be happy to assist you with your travel needs by:

  • Arranging complimentary transportation from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to the hotel of your choice and to the clinic during your treatment.
  • Recommending and helping you visit tourist spots in Hyderabad. Assisting you in making hotel reservations in a convenient location

The list of Hotels located near our clinics will be mailed to you on request. Please contact us at +91 99128 49515 if you would like assistance with your travel arrangements.

Please Note : Special packages will be designed exclusively for the tourist and all discounts are subjected to the total estimated treatment value.

Other Packages :

Yearly package :

Package cost: 2500/- INR
Treatment covered: 2 Dental consultations + 4 x-rays + 2 sittings of teeth cleaning
Offer valid : 1 year
Offer open to: All patients

Clean and Polished Teeth add to your confidence :

Discount: 20 % off
Treatments Covered: Expert Consultation, Teeth Cleaning
Offer Open to: On your visit for Teeth cleaning within 6 months of your first appointment.

Welcome your ‘First Dental Implant’ :

Discount: 10% off on procedure cost and 20% off on specialist consultation
Treatment Covered: Dental Implant Consultation, Dental Implants, Expert Consultation
Offer open to: New patients only

Children Dentistry Package :

Package cost: 10000/- INR
Treatment covered: Dental consultation + Teeth cleaning + Dental fillings + Sealant therapy + Fluoride application
Offer open to: All kids ranging from 3 – 14 years

Children Preventive Oral Care :

Discount: 20 % off on Procedure cost
Treatment covered: Teeth cleaning + Fluoride Therapy
Offer open to: Parent opting for Teeth cleaning + Fluoride Therapy combo

Bridal Package :

Discount : 15% off on procedure cost
Treatment covered: Orthodontic Braces + Smile Makeover
Offer open to: Patients opting for Orthodontic Braces + Smile Makeover

All-on-Four Implants package :

Discount : 10% off on procedure cost and 50% off on expert consultation
Treatment covered : ALL on four implants procedure
Offer open to: All patients

Orthodontics package :

Discount: 10% off on Procedure cost and free 1 session of teeth cleaning.
Treatment covered: Orthodontic treatment and 1 sessions of teeth cleaning
Offer open to: All patients