About Us

aboutWe are a specialized group of dental clinics placed in esteemed locations of Hyderabad. The rich background of technical knowledge and academic exposure of the founders encompassing different disciplines in dentistry makes our services unique and professional.

While maintaining the rich quality and high standards of treatment with the state of art infrastructure we have also made special efforts in recruiting experienced and high profile team of dentists to address your dental needs efficiently.

Our doctors work to develop a customized dental treatment plan, that incorporates dental consultation, examination, x­ray (digital), cleaning, and other diagnostic methods, and the suitable treatment for the case.

Ankura Dental cares to prevent and treat your dental problems as early as possible with
every effort in making it a pleasant stress free experience.


“Leader of Excellence in Health Care”


“Provide High Quality Healthcare services in an Ethical Environment”


  1. Truth
  2. Teamwork
  3. Respect
  4. Empathy
  5. Social Responsibility

Ankura Dental Clinic, Telangana, India is a state of the art dental clinic providing specialized dental treatment at affordable rates. We are devoted to provide you individualized patient experience of superior quality. Each visit is a promise of the finest service sealed with optimal comfort as we help you maintain and improve your oral health and restore a beautiful smile in an innovative and painless manner, respecting the highest standards of quality.

We strive to provide each and every one of you with quality dental treatment and bring
self­confidence into you with a beautiful smile.