Because our customers are the center of our focus and care, we work hard to improve quality and safety through providing a coordinated, objective and systematic approach to organization-wide (clinical and non-clinical) performance improvement activities as well as coordinating the various accreditation programs.
Our Team is consistently trained and upgraded under various Continuing Dental Education programs to assure treatment rendered to our patients is of the finest quality.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is a healthcare discipline that emphasizes the reporting, analysis, and prevention of medical error that often leads to adverse health care events. Ankura promotes all activities committed to improving patient safety and minimizing errors through the regular implementation of updated programs and always adopting evidence based treatment strategies.

Our Activities:

  • Build the concepts of Quality and Safety in our health care facility system.
  • Involve the patients in care plan and improving health care safety.
  • Improve communication and teamwork between oral health care providers.
  • Standardize policies, procedures, and clinical guidelines.
  • Establishing continuous training programs on patient safety for different categories of Oral health care providers.
  • Developing effective infection control programs.
  • Incident Reporting and Analysis: The most important consideration in improving patient safety is how best to prevent harm occurring to patients through learning from errors and incidents and advocating the culture of learning from mistakes.
  • Establish and monitor the indicators for patient safety.
  • Establishing procedures for patient complaints and surveys.
  • Conduct and participate in patient safety conferences and workshops.