Gum Diseases and Periodontal Treatment

Your gums are the necessary framework on which you carry a pictureperfect smile. Gingivitis is the pathological term for early stage of gum or periodontal disease which also involves the adjacent bone. In specific, gingivitis can result by a longterm exposure of gum tissues to ‘Plaque’ which is the sticky and often colourless film deposited on teeth that forms after eating or sleeping. The field of Periodontics deals with the health and treatment of gums and bones, aiming to correct and reduce damage caused by gingivitis, periodontitis or other gum conditions.

Maintenance of good oral hygiene by means of regular tooth brushing and flossing is critically important for the health of the gum. Poor or improper oral hygiene with associated unhygienic habits can lead to diseases of the gum and the surrounding bone. Common signs of gum diseases are seen as bleeding on brushing, red and swollen gum tissue, episodes of bad breath, gum recession, one or multiple teeth being loose, discomfort or itchiness around the infected area in addition to some of the other common signs can also be experienced.

Although gum disease is considered to be the major cause of early loss of tooth in adults, in many early stage cases it can be avoidable. If gingivitis is left untreated, more aggressive problems such as abscesses, loss of bone structure or periodontitis can occur. Periodontitis being a more progressive form of gingivitis is treated in a various ways. One common technique, called Scaling and root planing, involves cleaning and scraping the infected debris below the gum line to smoothen the roots. If effective, this procedure allows the gums to reattach themselves to the root structure.

Pregnancy has also been commonly known to cause a specific form of gingivitis. This has been majorly associated with hormonal changes in the woman’s body that allow plaque production and thereby its deposition.

Our Periodontal specialist will assess your oral hygiene status individually and customize with you a comprehensive dental hygiene plan that will help you in maintaining a healthy gum.

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